Aurora Materia is a Tasmanian born artist, currently based in Melbourne.  In 2018 Aurora graduated from The Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne), with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting.

“I create as a way to describe my connection to the Tasmanian environment.  Recreating and reimagining these ancient spaces through my work, it is the feeling of solace and calm I find within these landscapes and within myself that I am drawn to capture. From the rugged churning coastlines, all the way through to the heart of the Islands ancient temperate rainforests, there is this magnetic pull, a need to return to. And there’s this incredible harmony between the soft fragility of these spaces, met in equal parts by their power and foreboding. I want to protect these places. We need to protect these places. I’m hoping my work might help people understand that. To open our eyes to the significance of these landscapes, and help others around us see and connect and want to protect them too.” — AM 170219

ig: @aurora.materia

e: info@auroramateria.com


Curriculum Vitae




2018, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting

2015, The Friends’ School, Hobart, Tasmania - TCE / IB

2014, University of Tasmania, Hobart - College Academy of the Arts program, Expanded Practice

Group Exhibitions:

2019, Lovett Gallery HAEG Tasmania, Huon Art Awards 2019

2019, Clyde & Co Law Firm, Melbourne, The 2019 Clyde & Co Art Award Exhibition

2018, Victorian College of the Arts, VCA Graduate Exhibition

2017, George Paton Gallery, Group Conversations; Australia’s Shame, curated by Sam Harrison

2017, The Mission to Seafarers Victoria, The 2017 Annual MTSV Maritime Art Awards & Exhibition

2017, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Proud

2016, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, how many dots does a dot painting make?, curated by Sam Harrison

2016, VCA Student Gallery, So Fresh

Solo Exhibitions:

2015, Youth Arc, Tasmania, 2:06am